About Us

Kenya is one of the world’s greatest safari destinations, its offers you a diverse and adventurous selection of Tours and traveler and thus made us to form in style Tours & travel to facilitate you enjoy and discover this destination full of extraordinary natural beauty and rich of cultural heritage

InStyle tours & Travel was formed 2006. It has bee\in able to operate due to range of customers all over Kenya and abroad. Kenya is the best region in Africa with diversified topography ranging from mountain, Landscape, to the natural beauty of varied Vegetation, rich wildlife and home to millions of unique Species of birds. Reaches warm waters, home to prolific Marine life which all compiled together with high standard accommodation facilities and improve transport produce at tourism product. That will give you memories for years and years to come” let in style Tours & Travel make you discover this and feel at home away from home.


Our objective is to operate and maintain a professional tours & travel agency by serving our clients from all works of life.


Our Mission statement, “Discover the world” we are determined to take you to any place for travel, be it Beach, Wildlife Scenic, Cultural adventure, name it and will make you discover.


To be the best Tours & Travel in the hospitality sector by observing professional etiquettes and ethic, and to be recognized as the best Tours & Travel agency in the world.